Underhill West began writing and playing music as a four piece band back in 2005. 

They count 5 studio projects, one in the great Sierra Studios, Athens. (Material Life) 

Their song “WOMAN” from the album “That Sense” (2014) reached No.2 on Thessaloniki’s 1055 RADIO in Feb.2015. 

They have collaborated with philharmonic orchestras, theatrical and dancing teams for several unforgettable performances (RELATE & RELATE 2018), all for philanthropic purposes. 

They have reached No.5 in the Greek  finals of the ‘Global Battle Of the Bands’ in 2016 between 36 finalists in Athens. 

From 2015 until 2018 they toured Greece over 4 times. 

On the 9th of September 2019 they released their first single as a two piece band called ‘AVERAGE GUY’, a proem to their new sound and a complete twist to their lyrical content. 

During the quarantine of 2020 the single ‘LIFTING MYSELF’ was released and by many is considered the most uplifting song of the band until now. 

In June 2020 they release their first studio album called ‘RESTART’, an indie pop project that was in the works from 2018 that received remarkable reviews for its musical, experimental and lyrical content. 

A few singles followed up that pave the way to the new chapters of the musical duo. 

Some of the most remarkable recent performances of the new era are ‘Restart Rooftop Live Presentation’,  ‘Live From City Hall Terrace’ and the project ‘Acoustic Vibes’ that gives a very interesting twist to the band’s sound aesthetics and toured north Greece several times in the Summer of 2021. 

Singles: Justify My Night (2017) 

Average Guy (2019) 

Lifting Myself (2020) 

Comfort Zone (2020) 

Light A Candle (2014 and 2020) 

Asking for More (2021) 

EP’s:     Moment of Life (2007) 

Our Way (2011) 

That Sense (2014) 

Material Life (2018) 

LP’s:      Restart (2020) 


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